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How it Works

ChurchBooks3 Overview

ChurchBooks3 is top church management software made just for churches. It handles donations, member info, events, and online giving. It streamlines church management, financial tracking, and communication in one powerful platform. Experience seamless church management with our simple church software, designed to streamline administrative tasks and enhance communication within your congregation.

ChurchBooks3 Church Software


Simple Church Software Program

Church leaders emphasize the importance of managing church finances, and these easy software tools can help. Good financial stewardship is tied to spiritual significance. Being faithful in small matters prepares one for greater responsibilities. Our user-friendly and efficient simple church software empowers congregations with easy-to-use tools for streamlined administration and enhanced communication.

The Church Contributions Module

Church Contributions Accounting

ChurchBooks3 simplifies church accounting. It tracks donations, expenses, and more in one easy-to-use program, even if you’re not an accountant. It’s quick, user-friendly, and reduces office turnover for a happier workspace. Optimize your church operations with our advanced church administration tools, simplifying tasks and empowering efficient management of your congregation’s activities.

The Church Ledger Module

Church Bookkeeping

In any basic church software, a Church Accounting Ledger is crucial. ChurchBooks3 includes a powerful account ledger that tracks expenditure with budget and producing transparent financial reports, and more. It also has a separate second-level password for ledger security. Simplify your church operations with our easy church management solution, offering intuitive tools that make overseeing and organizing church activities a breeze for administrators.

Year End Receipt's Module

User Friendly Reports

This software excels in user-friendly reports, especially the year-end one. Reports are generated as you input weekly data, ready to print anytime. ChurchBooks3 is ideal for churches with non-techy officers, as it ensures easy report access for demos and sharing with the church body. Enhance your church organization’s efficiency with our robust church database software, providing a comprehensive solution for seamless data management, member tracking, and streamlined administrative tasks.

Church Membership Module

Church Membership Tracking

Safely track church member info with ChurchBooks3. It keeps all data on your computer, not in the cloud, for privacy. You can back up the data to your private cloud storage like Dropbox, however your data remains private and secure. Empower your church community with our user-friendly church software, designed to provide an intuitive and accessible platform that facilitates smooth communication, administration, and collaboration among members.

Church Financial Module

Church Financial Reports

Sharing a Church Financial Statement with your local church is now a breeze. Church finances are sometimes outsourced, but easy financial software simplifies things. A strong statement shows banks that financial stewardship is integral to your church. Effectively manage your church finances with our specialized church finance software, offering robust features to track donations, budgeting, and financial reporting, ensuring transparency and accountability in your financial stewardship.

Church Attendance Module

Church Attendance Tracking

Churches worry about declining attendance. A church attendance app helps you stay connected and track attendance. It’s essential to reach out with love. Simple church accounting software can assist in this effort. Discover the perfect balance of functionality and budget with our affordable church software, ensuring that your congregation can access powerful tools for streamlined management without breaking the bank.

Church Socials Module

Church Socials Tracking

One way to reconnect with inactive members, is to track birthdays. Also those who attend regularly are often encouraged when someone remembers their birthday. Active members do more than worship. Use church management software to track interactions, including birthdays, as an effective way to stay in touch. Elevate your church communication with our comprehensive suite of tools, facilitating seamless interaction, collaboration, and engagement among your congregation through our innovative church communication tools.

Church Minutes Module

Church Meeting Minutes Report

Being organized in recording church minutes is crucial. ChurchBooks3 is a vital tool for this. Many people fear missing important details when taking minutes. ChurchBooks3 excels in providing quick access to church activities, making it easy to populate in seconds. Simplify and elevate your church meeting reports with our comprehensive church event management solution, designed to streamline planning, coordination, and execution, ensuring successful and memorable gatherings for your congregation.

Church Employees Module

Church Employees Payroll Records

Church staff and administrators are part of a growing network. Effective administrators enhance the church. A survey of employees reveals divisions. A comprehensive study shows that employees understand church operations best. These software programs can help bridge these church-wide gaps. Optimize staff management and streamline operations with our Church Employee software, tailored to meet the unique needs of your church workforce, from payroll and scheduling to efficient communication and collaboration.


Reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is a great way to quickly find answers to common queries and gain a deeper understanding of our ChurchBooks3 Church Accounting Software. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Church management software (ChMS) refers to specialized software designed to help churches and religious organizations streamline and manage various administrative and organizational tasks. It provides tools and features to assist with a wide range of functions, enabling churches to operate more efficiently and effectively. Church management software can be used by clergy, staff, volunteers, and members to collaborate and carry out different tasks.

ChuchBooks3 is simple church software that is   affordable and support system that manages all your church information on families and individuals while producing critical church reports on donations given by members, finances, attendance, church employees’ and other reports unique to church activity. It offers an all-in-one centralized approach to maintaining church records.

System Requirements –
ChurchBooks3 is a Windows-based program, Windows 10 or higher is required. It is possible to run ChurchBooks3 on a MAC IOS however it requires installing a (VM) Virtual Machine that will accommodate a Windows OS. See Network and Sharing Options


We do not have access to your data. The data backend is stored on your local machine making your data secure. All information entered during the trial period remains in that local file. Should you decide to cancel, all information remains in place for the subscribed period or is deleted upon uninstall.

You can cancel anytime. If you cancel within the 30-day trial period your account will not be charged. Canceling your annual subscription means your subscription will not auto-renew for the next term. Click here to cancel.

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