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Data Backup and Data Transfer Tutorial can be found at this link.
The key to this method is not to over-write previous updates, this is why we call it a “single-user file swap”.
Loading the program on a second computer is free, for more information click the link below:
You can use ChurchBooks3 on more than one computer
For the full networking documentation use this link:

To minimize the program you should be able to simply click on the icon in your Taskbar.
If this does not work, hold down your Windows key at the bottom left of your computer keyboard while pressing the letter D.

Sorry, the short answer to your question is no.
ChurchBooks3 uses Microsoft Access 2013 (a database manager) to power the program.
Microsoft Access is a Windows base application.
In effect, you would need to run a Windows Virtual Machine on your MAC OS.   You can install any number of virtualization software programs, such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion or Oracle Virtual Box, to create a virtual environment in which you install a Windows OS and then install MS Access or any other Windows program of your choosing.  
This requires the purchase of a program like Parallels, as well as owning a license for Windows OS and the ChurchBooks3 program itself.  We want your experience with the ChurchBooks3 program to be one of simplicity and performance.  This process above is not a common practice at the moment, but certainly, something that can be done with moderate technical skills.
Here are a couple of videos that show you how such a task would be accomplished.  More… Installing  Parallels and Access on a Mac Computer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9VmQ8Sqi1c
Five ways to run Windows programs on a MAC computer https://mthomas.co.uk/5-ways-to-access-access-on-a-mac

Installation Questions and Answerss

Church management software (ChMS) refers to specialized software designed to help churches and religious organizations streamline and manage various administrative and organizational tasks. It provides tools and features to assist with a wide range of functions, enabling churches to operate more efficiently and effectively. Church management software can be used by clergy, staff, volunteers, and members to collaborate and carry out different tasks.

ChuchBooks3 is simple church software that is   affordable and support system that manages all your church information on families and individuals while producing critical church reports on donations given by members, finances, attendance, church employees’ and other reports unique to church activity. It offers an all-in-one centralized approach to maintaining church records.

System Requirements –
ChurchBooks3 is a Windows-based program, Windows 10 or higher is required. It is possible to run ChurchBooks3 on a MAC IOS however it requires installing a (VM) Virtual Machine that will accommodate a Windows OS. See Network and Sharing Options


We do not have access to your data. The data backend is stored on your local machine making your data secure. All information entered during the trial period remains in that local file. Should you decide to cancel, all information remains in place for the subscribed period or is deleted upon uninstall.

Data Backup and Data Transfer Tutorial can be found at this link.

You can cancel anytime. If you cancel within the 30-day trial period your account will not be charged. Canceling your annual subscription means your subscription will not auto-renew for the next term. Click here to cancel.

Operation Questions

Getting Started | ChurchBooks3 | Simplified Church Accounting

ChurchBooks3 employs Microsoft Access as its database engine. This standalone program is installed directly on your computer and operates independently without integration with other software.

Church Contributions

Experience simplified church accounting with ChurchBooks3. This user-friendly program effortlessly tracks donations, expenses, and more, even for those without an accounting background. It ensures a quick and efficient process, contributing to a happier workspace and reducing office turnover. Optimize your church operations further with our advanced administration tools, streamlining tasks and enabling efficient management of your congregation’s activities.

The Church Ledger

Every fundamental church software should feature a Church Accounting Ledger, and ChurchBooks3 excels in this regard. Our software boasts a robust account ledger that effectively monitors expenditures against budgets, generates clear financial reports, and more. Additionally, it provides an added layer of security for the ledger through a second-level password. Streamline your church operations with our user-friendly management solution, equipped with intuitive tools that simplify the oversight and organization of church activities for administrators.

Church Membership

Ensure secure tracking of church member information with ChurchBooks3. All data is stored locally on your computer, prioritizing privacy over cloud storage. While you have the option to back up data to private cloud storage like Dropbox, rest assured that your information remains confidential and secure. Empower your church community with our user-friendly software, designed to offer an intuitive and accessible platform, fostering seamless communication, administration, and collaboration among members.

Year-End Receipt’s 

This software stands out for its user-friendly reports, particularly the year-end report. Reports are automatically generated as you input weekly data, ready for printing at any time. ChurchBooks3 is well-suited for churches with non-tech-savvy officers, offering easy access to reports for demonstrations and sharing with the church community. Elevate the efficiency of your church organization with our robust database software, offering a comprehensive solution for seamless data management, member tracking, and streamlined administrative tasks

Church Attendance

Concerns about declining attendance in churches are common. A dedicated church attendance app facilitates staying connected and monitoring attendance, a crucial aspect of reaching out with love. Simple church accounting software can be a valuable aid in this effort. Find the ideal balance of functionality and budget with our affordable church software, ensuring that your congregation can access powerful tools for streamlined management without straining your finances.

Church Financial Reports

Effortlessly share your Church Financial Statement with your local church using our user-friendly solution. While church finances are occasionally outsourced, the use of accessible financial software can significantly simplify the process. A well-crafted financial statement not only aids in internal management but also communicates to banks that financial stewardship is a core value of your church. Effectively oversee your church finances with our specialized finance software, equipped with robust features for tracking donations, budgeting, and financial reporting. This ensures transparency and accountability in your financial stewardship.

Church Employees

Church staff and administrators form a growing network crucial to the church’s success. Effective administrators play a key role in enhancing the overall functioning of the church. Surveys among employees often highlight existing divisions. A more in-depth study, however, consistently demonstrates that employees possess the best understanding of church operations. To bridge these church-wide gaps, consider leveraging software programs designed for these needs. Optimize staff management and streamline operations with our Church Employee software, specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of your church workforce—from payroll and scheduling to facilitating efficient communication and collaboration.

Church Minutes

Maintaining organization when recording church minutes is essential, and ChurchBooks3 serves as a crucial tool for this purpose. The fear of missing important details during minute-taking is a common concern. However, ChurchBooks3 stands out by offering quick access to church activities, facilitating the efficient population of minutes in seconds. Simplify and enhance your church meeting reports with our comprehensive church event management solution. It is designed to streamline the planning, coordination, and execution of events, ensuring successful and memorable gatherings for your congregation.

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