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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This an agreement between Hanner Communications (HanCom) (a IT service provider) and the customer, client or the end-user.

This Software as a Service (SLA) agreement is made effective upon successful download of the client software.

HanCom LLC
Hanner Communications 
509 Hanner Town Road
Bear Creek, NC 27207

Hanner Communications

Type Agreement

IT Technical Services is provided via annual contract referred to in this SLA Agreement and is required for the continual use of all deployments

Period and Scope of the Agreement

The HanCom will provide to the End-User the application, infrastructure, and operational support for the software application annually and functionalities listed in the table below:



HanCom LLC will assume responsibility for the services listed below to the End-User in support of this Agreement whether directly provided by the Hancom, or provided by a 3rd party subcontractor of the HanCom outlined in the table below.

  1. Hosting Facility Services (Shared according to deployment)

  2. Operations/Monitoring Services (Shared according to deployment)

  3. Application Administration Services (Shared according to deployment)

  4. Software Maintenance and Upgrade Services (Shared according to deployment)

  5. Application Recovery Services (Shared according to deployment)

  6. Data/Information Security Services (Shared according to deployment)

  7. Data Storage and Retention (Shared according to deployment)

  8. Network Services (Shared according to deployment)

  9. Problem Management/Customer Support Service (Shared according to deployment)

Hosting Facility Service

SaaS Networked applications, HanCom will provide the hardware, software, and the location. HanCom assumes all responsibility for the computing environment supporting the hosted applications.

Operations/Monitoring Services

Applications provided by the HanCom are supported by a 24 x 7 automated and alert monitoring
system for all networked deployments and  applications. For non-networked deployments the End-User is responsible for any and all application operations and monitoring.

Application Administration Services

Applications provided under this agreement will be the responsibility of the HanCom LLC who will
own and manage the application, related databases, supporting computing hardware, and
necessary operating systems.

Application Recovery Services

The Client is responsible for backing up all data on stand alone deployments.
1. Hosting Infrastructure and environment recovery processes is shared by both HanCom and the Client.
2. Application recovery processes with client producing the data pack from the server.
3. HanCom has not responsibility for the following Offsite data backup storage via media (e.g. tape) or cloud including rotation, retention,
and periodic testing of data backups

Data/Information Security Services

When Networked, HanCom will manage the Applications and Client data at or above the same level of Client security minimum requirements as established by the Request For Proposal (RFP) and/or Contract.

Data Storage and Retention

When Networked, HanCom will ensure the Client’s data is stored and retained in accordance with Client’s Record
Retention policies

Problem Management/Customer Support Service

HanCom provides problem management support for all application services covered by this
agreement. The Client will direct problems encountered with the services provided in this agreement to a Problem Management/Customer Support contact as identified by the HanCom.
Problems will be assigned a severity level based on the following criteria

Problem Severity Levels

Problem Severity Level Description
Severity Level
1 Mission-critical Client business process(s) unable to function – The System is not functioning and there is no workaround that is acceptable to the Client, thereby preventing a department or workgroup from performing a mission-critical business function(s).
Severity Level 2
Significant impact to Mission-critical Client business process(s) – A major problem impedes the ability to perform mission-critical business function(s) due to major functionality not working. A temporary workaround that is acceptable to the City is available.
Severity Level 3
Not able to accomplish all functions – Minor function(s) not working causing non-critical work to back up.
Severity Level 4
Inconvenience – The System is causing a minor disruption in the way tasks are performed but does not stop workflow. Able to accomplish all functions, but not as efficiently as normal. May include cosmetic issues – especially in constituent-facing applications.

Service Level Standards

HanCom shall use all commercially reasonable efforts to meet or exceed the Service Level Standards

Hours of Support

HanCom will provide a designated support contact(s) 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

Joint Responsibilities

Problem Reporting
HanCom will report concerns as appropriate to HanCom specified support contacts. The Client and HanCom shall jointly determine the number and type of Client’s system administrators and/or end-users that will have access to the HanCom Help Desk for problem reporting

User Provisioning

New system administrators will be created by HanCom within 3 days of the Client’s request. The Client will direct requests for new system administrators through Vendor designated contacts.
Shorter provisioning times may be requested by the Client in emergency situations.

Network Services

HanCom is responsible for providing adequate network infrastructure so as to meet the performance metrics specified in this agreement. The Client is responsible for providing adequate internal network infrastructure so as to not affect HanCom’s ability to meet those performance metrics. The Client is responsible for the support, maintenance, and monitoring of the Client’s dedicated LAN and or WAN. HanCom bears no responsibility for performance and availability problems on networks within the Client’s control.

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