ChurchBooks3 Church Accounting Software

Data Backup and File Transfer

Backing up Your data

If the program is used by a single user, you can swap out your data file from one computer to the next. For instance, you can load the program on both your church computer and your home computer, this allows you to update ether computer by simply swapping out the data using a USB or Cloud drive. The key to this method is not to over-write previous updates, this is why we call it “single-user file swap”. We do not recommend or support the outcome of this method for the reason stated above but do acknowledge many of our customers do use this method with success if updates are managed, tracked and archived properly. This option is free, just contact us for additional information.

Best Practice

Automate your Backup Process

Don’t take a chance of losing your data. If you are happy backing up manually and you do so regularly, then please continue. However, you can automate your backups using this third party software on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly schedule. It is easy to keep your entire computer backed up or just your C/drive or ChurchBooks3 folder. Its free.

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